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Welcome to the magical land of Giveaway Wizard! Here's where we gather great offers for you to win sweepstakes, gift cards, travel gifts, and free offers.

We banish scams to the dark forest and just give you winning items that work! Sign up now to receive once-a-week new winner offers and a chance to win a no-strings free monthly priz!.

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The Latest Giveaways!

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$100 McDonalds Gift Card

While you have to give them your email and address to send a physical card to, this one is a no-brainer survey! You'll have to go through some survey questions and decline some offers but its surprisingly fast to do!

$10,000 Main Prize & $500 Daily Prizes

The fine print is, It's one 10K winner every 6 months. BUT, you can enter daily for a daily $500 prize! This is easy and they ask for a name, email and zipcode so they can send you more free stuff and trial products for nothing!

$500 Pharmacy Card

Your information is valuable. If you give these folks your email and zip, you can enter this DAILY and you could get a $500 gift card to us at any pharmacy or dispensary. You will be put on a list to try free stuff so it's a win/win! 

Monthly Michael Kors Bag Giveaway

They really do give away a Michael Kors bag away each month ($500+)! You just fill out a survey and can choose from some free stuff offers (I got a free tie!) and you can enter multiple times.

Baby Swag! 

Having a baby or going to be a grandparent? Then you HAVE to jump on this offer. They give baby formula, diapers and you can win things like strollers and other great stuff.

$200 Target Gift Card

Users Can Win a $200 Target eGiftCard Right Now!
One GUARANTEED WINNER in EVERY drawing! You just fill out a fairly short survey with some offers included that you can decline up front and you're entered. 

Dr. Pepper College Tuition Giveaway


Easy-To-Get $300-$500 Daily Winner Amazon Gift Cards

This includes a monthly drawing for a $10,000 giveaway. You'll get to the page and will have to fill out your name, address and email so they have it to mail any winning cards to. The odds are good for this one. If you're really lucky, you'll hit a purple page asking for your information and it means you skipped a couple of steps. Several people have emailed me that have won over the last several months!

$500 Cash App Winners

Payment processors are in a war right now which means we win! Enter to win and CashApp could cashapp you up to $500! They are trying to get word of mouth advertising so you have a good chance of winning. 

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Sign Up For Weekly New Winning Offers and a Once A Month Drawing For Free Surprise Gifts!

Cool Stuff Won...

Some stuff won in the past from the site!

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Sign Up To Win!

Sign Up For Weekly New Winning Offers and a Once A Month Drawing For Free Surprise Gifts!

Ways to increase your chances of winning sweepstakes

Winning sweepstakes can be a great way to get your hands on some extra cash or prizes. Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning:

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